Q: How are you supposed to say Vediit?

A: Vee-dee-it


Q: How does Vediit work?

A: Without giving too much away, the hidden message is converted to special characters on phones and computers called, “zero-width characters.” These characters, as their name suggests, take up no width when typed. So when your message is converted to these characters, they’re actually still there, but aren’t visible.


Q: Why do the hidden messages take up so many characters?

A: This is because the hidden message must first be converted to binary to then be converted to the zero-width characters so that it can be hidden.


Q: Do you or can you read my hidden messages?

A: Nope and no. Your messages are not stored in any server or database. They go only where you send them. If you post them on Twitter though… can’t help you there.


Q: Can I send pictures in a hidden message?

A: With the current way that Vediit works, you cannot. 😬


Q: Can I send Emoji in a hidden message?

A: As of version 1.1, ya sure can!


Q: Can I tip you with crypto?

A: Yes. 🤓 Bitcoin: 1HtsR2c9QY9PKottqwJ2prskFxjdf7iT2F ETH: 0xd0ecb4b1798e67cf703d61c7dcd95728d940a542


Q: Are you going to make Vediit for Android?

A: Not planning on it. But send me a Google Pixel 2 XL and we’ll talk.


Q: Do I have to have ads?

A: Nope. In the settings page, you can remove the ads with a one-time in-app purchase to support my coffee addiction. ☕